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The $m Token

The Utility Token of our Ecosystem.

The native $m token enables access and usage, reinforces growth, and ensures economic alignment for all stakeholders.

Engineered for our scalable, next-gen dApps, the token flourishes through on-chain engagements, creating value for holders, contributors, developers, and users alike.

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$mToken Stats

Token Name


Total Supply


Initial Circulating Supply


$m Token has a limited supply.

Our ecosystem's token, in contrast to conventional currencies susceptible to endless printing, boasts a capped supply. This initiates a dynamic accumulation race where possessing even a few $m tokens today could potentially alter one's life in the future.

Earn $m tokens now through participation in our projects' activities and seize the opportunity to expand your assets while actively backing the EntertainM network.

$m Token
$mToken background

Token Utility

$m token facilitates transactions within the Ecosystem such as buying and selling digital assets and accessing diverse services offered within the network.

Ongoing incentives within the ecosystem, funded by $m, benefit both users and community members.

In terms of governing, $m token grants holders the right to participate in the decision-making processes that shape the future direction of the EntertainM Ecosystem.

Certain gamified or bonus-exclusive activities within our vibrant Ecosystem will require the $m token for participation.

$mToken Stats

Frequently Asked Questions

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